About Lovely Planners

Let me tell you, life was pretty stressful during the pandemic and starting the Lovely Planners brand provided us with an awesome distraction.

We were busy working and home-schooling through too many lockdowns that we lost count of, but our focus on creating healthy habits in our home soon became our obsession.

When asked by friends what we were doing to stay positive and on track, we mentioned the benefits of our magnetic fridge planners. With lots of encouragement, we took the leap to share our planners wider than just our circles.

So here we are, ready to help you turn home chaos and disorganisation into a stress-free zone.

We are so proud to say that our products are designed and made in Australia with sustainability, quality and functionality at the forefront of each design.

If you’d like to know more about our journey please reach out!

“Our fridge planners help everyone in our house see what’s happening each week. We write down our gym classes, meal plans and shopping list. The planners are so easy to reuse each week and month. When friends see them on my fridge they want them.”
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