The Importance and Benefits of Using Planners and Lists for At-Home Organisation

Every single person has a story of how their life was changed by getting organised at home. Planning ahead, writing lists, and using planners are all very helpful when trying to maintain order in the home.

Your home is supposed to be your oasis, your peaceful retreat away from the chaos of day-to-day life. But without planners and lists, this becomes extremely difficult.

But not to worry, if you want to take your home from pandemonium to peaceful, this blog post will be your guide. From the importance to the benefits, here’s how using planners and lists will drastically improve your disorganised chaos at home. So, first and foremost…

Why do we need Planners and Lists?

Running a home is very challenging, especially if the work isn’t being shared equally between family members. When there’s no system of organisation in place it can lead to miscommunication and stress.

If you’re struggling to stay organised, it may be time for a new planner. There are many ways that the right planners and lists can help make your life easier and more productive:

  • They help with time-management
  • They help increase productivity
  • Keeping track so that the important things don’t slip through the cracks
  • They have proven to reduce stress
  • There are health benefits
  • They make more room for the fun and creative things you would like to do
  • They are great for habit tracking to stay on top of your goals
  • The accomplishment that ticking things off your lists and plans gives the satisfaction needed to stay on track
  • They take your goals and allow you to implement actual steps to make your goals actually happen

Benefits of Different Planners and Lists

With all the different planners and lists available, it’s often hard to find one’s that cater to your specific needs. Here we will discuss the benefits of using monthly planners, meal planners, make this week count planners, and don’t forget me lists.

Benefits of Monthly Planners

The benefits of monthly planners are twofold: they provide both short-term goals as well as long-term plans, making it easy to ensure that you are continually working toward your goals in monthly increments.

Whether your goal is to save money or organise the children’s schedule, monthly planners whiteboard allow for a great integration of life, family, and work schedules. Allowing you to see all your goals in one place.

Benefits of Meal Planners

What most of us don’t realise is that meal planner whiteboards offer more than just healthy eating benefits. They allow you to save time, money, and can even help to combat decision fatigue.

If you’re interested, take a look at our article on the benefits of meal planning. You might be surprised at some of the benefits meal planners can provide, either way, it’ll be enough to convince you that you definitely need meal plans in your life!

Benefits of a Make This Week Count Planner

I don’t know about you, but just reading ‘make this week count’ installs a sense of motivation and conviction all on its own. The benefits are multi-faceted: make this week count planners help you with time management, make you more efficient with your day and make the most of your time. For some people, it can even boost self-confidence.

You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you’ve used the week well and achieved what you set out to do.

Benefits of a Don’t Forget Me List

A don’t forget me list is a master list of things that your family members might need to remember or don’t want to leave the house without, who doesn’t go on at least one don’t forget my keys run every week?  This list is typically made up of anything from homework to a toothbrush, or even a spare nappy.

You can also use don’t forget me lists for things like going to the grocery store, going on vacation, and even as a phone reminder list.

Key Takeaways

One thing is certain, once you start using one regularly, there will be no turning back. We hope this article has convinced you that planners and lists do indeed have value, if not in terms of their physical benefits then at the very least due to how they positively affect mental health. So if you would like to learn more and find the perfect planner that will help you reach your goals, be sure to check through our website for all the planners and lists that you may need!

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